Réunion du 29 Mars 2022 à Paris (Faculté de Villemin)

8:00: Welcome to the Nine-i.

8:30: Who’s who at the 6th Nine-i meeting

CHAIR: Victoria Metaxa, Jordi Rello

8:45: Is it relevant to monitor respiratory comfort in immunocompromised patients? Alexandre Demoule, Paris

9:15: A new AI-look on the HIGH data. Dominic Marshall, Matthieu Komorowski, London

9:45: ECMO for cancer patients. Yes: Matthias Kochanek, Cologne. No: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna

10:15: The Efraim 3 study: 10,000 patients to address five clinical questions. Elie Azoulay, Paris

10:45: Coffee break

CHAIR: Lene Russel, Anne-Sophie Moreau

11:15: The Nine-i: Learning from our variability. Michael Darmon, Paris

11:45: A statement on TPE in the ICU. Philippe Bauer, Rochester. Marlies Ostermann, London

12:15: Management of Veno-occlusive disease (VOD/SOS). Santhosh Thyagu, Toronto

12:45: COVID-19 has been a proof of concept for RCTs. Anders Perner, Copenhaguen

1:15: Lunch break Bon Appétit

CHAIR: Nadia Aissaoui, Andry Van de Louw

2:30: Mech. ventilation benefits to lung cancer patients. PRO: Naike Bigé, Villejuif, CON: Pedro Castro, Barcelona

3:00: Tell me who you admit to the ICU and I’ll tell you who you are. Emmanuel Canet, Nantes

3:30: CAR T 2022: New challenges, new chances. Michael Von Bergwelt, Munich

4:00: Alarmins, a whistleblower for tumor lysis syndrome. Lara Zafrani, Paris

4:30: Hepatic dysfunction in critically ill cancer patients. Djamel Mokart, Marseille

5:00: The backlash from sepsis in cancer. Frédéric Pène, Paris